Episodes #111-#116
111) TWO PETE'S IN A POD- Peter discovers a his clone at his school and uses him to take out Mike's boss's niece when Peter has another date for the same night, but when his twin is late Peter must handle both dates.
1)What was the only difference between Peter and his clone?
2)What was the name of Mr. Phillip's niece? A)Kim B)Peggy C)Pamela
3)what was Peter's costume?
4)Where did Peter pay Jan to take the kids?
5)Who was home on Peter's date night, besides Peter?
6)What did Peter forget to take off in his haste of switching dates?
7)Were the girls mad at Peter for using his twin?
8)Peter's twin's name was A)Owen B)Phillip C)Arthur
9)What excuse did Peter use not to dance with Pamela?
10)What did Peter's clone eat(Alice gave it to him)?
1)his clone wore glasses
2) C)Pamela
4)the movies
6)his plastic vampire hair
8) C)Arthur
9)said he had a bad knee
112) WELCOME ABOARD- Oliver comes to live in the Brady house but starts causing accidents and gets the wrath of the other kids until his luck changes and the Bradys get picked to be extras in a movie.
1)To whom and how was Oliver related?
2)Why did Oliver have to live with the Bradys?
3)What did the kids start calling Oliver after he caused the accidents?
4)Playing what sport did he cause the most damage?
5)What did Oliver put in Bobby's bed?
6)What did Oliver splatter on Greg?
7)What annoying habit did Oliver have when he slept?
8)Where did the Bradys visit?
9)What did Oliver cause Bobby to break?
10)Oliver's age was A)7 B)8 C)9
1)Carol's nephew (the kid's cousin)
2)His parents were leaving the country.
5)a lizard
7)he snored
8)a movie studio
9)flower pots
10) B)8
113) SNOOPERSTAR- To teach Cindy not to snoop in her diary Marcia plants a phony story about Mike's client, who Cindy tries to impress by dressing up as Shirley Temple.
1)Mike's client's name was A)Mrs. Fletcher B)Mrs. Temple C)Mrs. Kletcher
2)Who did Cindy think Mike's client was?
3)Who did Marcia and Jan tell about their fake diary entries?
4)Did Mike and Carol punish Cindy?
5)True or False Mike's client was upset by Cindy's behavior.
6)What Gilligan's Island character did Mike's client portray?
7)Did Jan know Cindy was reading Marcia's diary?
8)What did Cindy borrow money from Alice to buy?
9)Who was the lookout while Cindy read Marcia's diary?
10)What did Cindy buy for Marcia?
1) A)Mrs. Fletcher
2)a talent scout
3)Greg (Cindy later)
6)Mrs. Howell
8)a Shirley Temple record album
10)a diary with a lock
114) THE HUSTLER- The Bradys get a pool table as a gift and Bobby soon becomes a shark even beating Mike's boss at Mike and Carol's dinner party.
1)Who gave Mike the pool table? A)Mr. Phillips B)Mr. Smith C)Mr. Matthews
2)Who else was in Bobby's dream besides Bobby?
3)Who told on Bobby for playing pool at night?
4)How many people were at the dinner party?
5)What did Bobby bet for with Mike's boss?
6)Which family members did Bobby beat at pool?
7)What did the Bradys end up doing with the table?
8)What was written on Bobby's sash in his dream?
9)Where did Mike want to put the pool table?
10)Where was the table kept?
1) C)Mr. Matthews
2)Cindy and Oliver
6)Greg and Peter
7)It was given to charity.
9)the living room
10)the garage
115) TOP SECRET- Bobby and Oliver get the idea that Sam is a spy and involved with the FBI because of some plans he gets from Mike.
1)What kind of house were Bobby and Oliver building when the FBI arrived?
2)What did Bobby and Oliver get sprinkled with?
3)Who did Bobby and Oliver tell their spy theory to?
4)Where was Sam when Alice first met him?
5)What did Sam want Mike to help him do to the butcher shop?
6)What kind of spy did Bobby and Oliver think Sam was?
7)Did Alice ever find out why Sam was seeing Mike?
8)What did the girls think Sam was going to do to Alice?
9)Where did Bobby trap Sam?
10)Who let Sam out?
1)a card house
2)talcum powder
3)Greg and Peter
4)in the army
5)expand it
6)a double agent
8)ask her to marry him
9)the meat locker
116) THE HAIR-BRAINED SCHEME- Bobby and Cindy try to be entrepreneurs by selling hair tonic and rabbits. Unfortunately the hair tonic turns Greg's hair orange right before his graduation.
1)Who was not in this show?
2)What event does Greg have to go to?
3)What did Greg give Peter?
4)How many bottles of hair tonic did Bobby sell?
5)Who was Cindy's assistant?
6)Who went door to door selling hair tonic with Bobby?
7)What does Cindy name her rabbits?
8)What was the name of Greg's school?
9)Who turned the rabbits orange?
10)What did Greg tell his friends in the beauty shop about Carol?
2)his graduation
3)Greg's letterman's sweater
7)Romeo and Juliet
8)Westdale High
10)that Carol was bald


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