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Episodes #31-#40

31) CONFESSIONS, CONFESSIONS- Peter breaks Carol's favorite vase, and after an attempt to fix it fails, the other kids take the heat so Peter won't miss a camping trip.
1)What did Bobby say when he saw the vase?
2)What did Mike and Carol buy Peter?
3)What was Greg and Bobby's final punishment?
4)Who gave out the kid's punishments?
5)Did Peter go on his camping trip?
6)Did Alice confess to breaking the vase?
7)Who did the boys see while buying the glue?
8)True or False Marcia helped fix the vase?
9)What kind of ball broke the vase?
10)Who put the flowers in the vase?
1) "Mom always says, 'Don't play ball in the house'."
2)a lantern
3)clean the screens
9)a basketball
10)Greg and Peter
32) THE TATTLETALE- Cindy turns into a nark and rats out her brothers and sisters.
1)What spilled onto Mike's eggs?
2)What did Alice win?
3)Where did Mike threaten to send Tiger?
4)What did Mike bring home to play with Alice's prize?
5)What kind of contest did Alice enter?
6)Where did tiger put the letter?
7)Who was missing from this episode?
8)What did Alice do to the postman?
9)Who was the thief?
10)True or False Cindy tattled on Carol?
2)a stereo
4)a record
5)a jingle writing contest
6)the doghouse
8)she hugged him
33) CALL ME IRRESPONSIBLE- Greg gets a job in Mike's office where he finds he's not as responsible as he thinks when he twice losses important plans he was supposed to deliver.
1)Why did Greg want a job?
2)Where was Greg taking the plans?
3)What's the name of Mike's boss?
4)Greg's girlfriend's name was A) Sandy B)Candy C)Randi
5)Which 3 kids invest with Greg on his car?
6)Did Greg get fired?
7)While delivering the plans where did Greg stop the first time?
8)What went wrong with Greg's bike?
9)In this episode how old is Greg?
10)What did Greg have to empty in Mike's office?
1)to save money to buy a car
2)the printers (copier shop)
3)Mr. Phillips
4) C) Randi
5)Jan, Peter and Bobby
7)magazine stand
8)the chain broke
10)the trash can
34) THE IMPRACTICAL JOKER- Jan goes too far with her practical jokes when she almost gets Greg's mouse killed.
1)Who did Alice call when she saw Greg's mouse?
2)Where did they finally find the mouse?
3)Why did Greg have the mouse?
4)Why did the boys bring the mouse up to their room?
5)True or False Tiger liked the mouse.
6)What did Jan put on Alice's coat?
7)The mouse's name was A) Myron B)Whitey C)Byron
8)Who did Jan scare with the mouse?
9)Where did Greg first have to keep the mouse?
10)Where did Jan hide the mouse?
1)the exterminator
2)Tiger's doghouse
3)he was part of a science project
4)to keep it away from the neighbor's cat
6)a fake ink spot
7) A)Myron
8)Cindy and Marcia
9)the garage
10)in a hamper
35) A FISTFUL OF REASONS- When Cindy's lisp gets her teased at school by Buddy the bully, Peter is forced to defend her and himself in a fight.
1)Who did Alice accidentally punch in the stomach?
2)What injury did Buddy give Peter?
3)What injury did Peter give Buddy?
4)What was the rhyme Buddy teased Cindy with?
5)Why did Buddy come to the Brady house to see Cindy?
6)Who wasn't in this episode?
7)What did Cindy practice reading to help her not to lisp.
8)What name did Buddy call Peter?
9)Who jumped rope with Peter?
10)Who did Peter practice fighting with?
2)a black eye
3)a loose tooth
4)"Baby talk, baby talk it's a wonder you can walk."
5)to borrow some tongue twister books
7)tongue twisters
36) WHAT GOES UP...- Bobby sprains his ankle trying to get into Peters club and clubhouse. His parents get him a pet bird and everyone tries to help him overcome his newly developed fear of heights.
1)What did Cindy dress up as to help take care of Bobby?
2)Who scared the bird?
3)Who wanted to challenge Bobby too see who could swing highest?
4)Who was last on the trampoline?
5)What did Bobby climb on to catch his bird?
6)Which ankle does Bobby hurt?
7)Whose room's shutter was Mike pretending to fix?
8)Who was the first to get on the trampoline?
9)Who was Jan on the trampoline with?
10)What did Bobby name his parakeet?
1) a nurse
5)the swingset
7)the boys
37) COMING OUT PARTY- When their tonsils come out Cindy and Carol have a hard time keeping from talking and accidentally insult Mike's boss when she thinks it Mike trying to trick her into talking.
1)What was the name of Mike's boss?
2)What flavor of ice cream does Alice give Carol and Cindy?
3)Where was Alice when Mike's boss called the house?
4)Who got sick on the boat trip?
5)Who was not in this episode?
6)What did Mike's boss bring to Carol?
7)Who was Carol's phone friend A)Shelly B)Ellie C)Kelly
8)Was the doctor male or female?
9)Name one of the two things Carol "caught" while practicing casting.
10)True or False They had to reschedule the boat trip.
1)Mr. Phillips
3)the market
7) B)Ellie
9)charcoal or Mr. Dittmeyer
38) THE NOT-SO-UGLY DUCKLING-Jan develops a self image problem when boys aren't interested in her, so she makes up a boyfriend, until mom discovers a solution.
1)Who did Jan blame for stealing her boyfriend?
2)Who did Jan go to for advice on boys?
3)What event did the Brady's plan to cheer up Jan?
4)Why didn't boys like Jan? A)she had freckles B)she had b.o. C)she dressed like a guy
5)True or False George Glass came to the party.
6)What does the pharmacist tell Jan to use to get rid of her freckles?
7)Who does Jan have call her so her family will think it's her boyfriend?
8)What was Peter giving Jan for her birthday?
9)Name either Jan's first boyfriend or the one she made up.
10)Which two kids saw Jan trying to get rid of her freckles?
3)a surprise party
4) C)she dressed like a guy
6)a lemon
7)the operator
8)a picture he drew
9)Clark Tyson or George Glass
10)Bobby an Cindy
39) TELL IT LIKE IT IS- Carol submits a story about her family to an editor, but he rejects it until he sees what the Brady family is really like.
1)Where did Carol write her manuscript?
2)Who went through the trash to try to read her story?
3)The magazine editor's name was A) Olfield B) Defozzio C) Delefield
4)Who was inspired by Carol to begin writing?
5)True or False At the end Carol was excited to write another story.
6)How many versions did Carol make of her article?
7)What did Mike drop when he ran into Alice?
8)What did the school nurse tell Greg he had?
9)Who did Carol let read her second version before she sent it to the magazine?
10)Why was Carol's first version rejected?
1)the den
2)the boys
3) C)Delefeild
8)poison oak
9)Mike, Greg, Marcia, and Alice
10)it wasn't positive enough
40) THE DRUMMER BOY- When Bobby doesn't make the glee-club he tries the drums instead. When Peter does make the club his teammates tease him until a pro athlete visits and changes their mind.
1)What did Peter's football teammates call him because he sang?
2)Where did they move Bobby and his drums when the kids complained about the
3)What professional athlete guest stars in this episode?
4)What other Bradys were in the glee club with Peter?
5)What gift did Mike give Bobby after the bugle didn't work out?
6)Where did Marcia and Greg go to study?
7)Why couldn't Bobby practice in the garage?
8)What song did Bobby try to play on the bugle?
9)True or False Jan was in this episode.
10)Why did Bobby want to play an instrument?
2)the garage
3)Deacon Jones
4)Jan and Cindy
5)a baton
7)the neighbors complained
10)He wanted to prove he was musical even though he didn't make the glee club.


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