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Episodes #0-#10


0-(Pilot) THE HONEYMOON- When Mike and Carol get married havoc breaks out at the wedding and they end up bringing the kids on their honeymoon out of guilt for yelling at them.  
1)What color were the girls bridesmaid dresses?
2)What got poured down Mrs. Feldman's front?
3)Who was Mr. Pringle?
4)How was it decided who would go upstairs first at the hotel?
5)What does champagne do to Carol?
6)Why did Bobby look under the table at breakfast?
7)Why was Cindy disappointed when she answered the door?
8)Did Carol wear a white gown?
9)Why did Alice come to the hotel?
10)Before Carol picked them up, who baby-sat the girls for the honeymoon?
3)the hotel clerk
4)size (biggest first)
5)makes her dizzy
6)to make sure Mike remembered to wear pants
7)she was expecting a telegram
8)no (yellow)
9)to watch the kids
10)Carols parents
1) DEAR LIBBY- The kids fear one of their parents are unhappy with them after reading a letter in an advice column about a similar family. The kids try to act perfect until Dear Libby arrives to clear things up.
1)Who first read the column?
2)Who went to get Mike and Carol a new paper?
3)What did Jan and Peter argue over?
4)Who told Marcia and Greg to tell Mike and Carol about the column?
5)True or False : Everyone wrote to Dear Libby.
6)What was Alice's Dear Libby alias?
7)What was wrong with the second paper Mike & Carol got?
8)True or False: Bobby & Cindy fought over a checkers game?
9)What were the Brady's doing when Dear Libby came.
10)Jan's alias was: A) Real Frantic B) Worried sick C) Guilt Complex
1) Marcia
2)Greg and Marcia
5)True (Mike and Carol just never mailed theirs)
6)innocent bystander
7)it had a big ink stain
9)watching t.v.
10) A. "real frantic"
2) A CLUBHOUSE IS NOT A HOME- The boys refuse to share their clubhouse with the girls and after many battles in sharing everyone works together to build the girls their own clubhouse.
1)What were Mike and Carol fighting over in their room?
2)What did Jan steal from the boys clubhouse?
3)Mike made Carol: A)go shop B)cry C)take a bath
4)What color was the girl's clubhouse?
5)What happened to the boys clubhouse?
6)Greg and Marcia were fighting over what room?
7)Who started to build the girls clubhouse?
8)What costume did Cindy wear that belonged to Bobby?
9)What did the girls do to the boys clubhouse?
10)Who did the Brady's go to for advice?
1)closet space
2)'Keep out' sign
3) B)cry
4)pink (and blue)
5)it fell apart (Bobby took out the nails)
7)the girls (including Carol)
9)"feminized it"- redecorated (curtains, rugs etc.)
3) KITTY KARRY-ALL IS MISSING-Cindy's doll disappears and she accuses Bobby. Tiger is eventually convicted of the crime when Bobby's trial has a hung jury.
1)What did Cindy call her doll?
2)What did Tiger take from Bobby?
3)What was Cindy getting when her doll disappeared?
4)Who was the judge at Bobby's trial?
5)What gift did Bobby buy Cindy?
6)True or False Jan thought Bobby was guilty after the trial.
7)What new blue animal toy did Carol get Cindy?
8)Who was the jury in Bobby's trial?
9)What sport were Bobby and Greg practicing?
10)What was Tiger stealing when he got caught?
3)a bottle for her doll
5)a new doll (Kitty Karry-All)
7)electric acrobatic elephant
8)Peter and Jan
10)the new doll
4) KATCHOO- Jan develops an allergy, and when everyone thinks it's Tiger they bathe him to try to keep him from having to leave, until the real cause is found.
1)What food did Alice first think Jan was allergic to?
2)Who did Carol and Alice think Jan was allergic to?
3)To whom were the Brady's giving Tiger?
4)What good-bye gift did the boys give Tiger?
5)Who were the first two people to give Tiger a bath?
6)True or False The doctor came to see Jan.
7)Where were the boys when Mike told them about Tiger?
8)Which two people didn't give Tiger a bath?
9)In what room did Mike and Alice give Tiger a bath?
10)What was actually making Jan sneeze?
3)Grandma and Grandpa
5)Marcia and Cindy
8)Carol and Jan
9)laundry room or service porch
10)flea powderazgregbook.gif (22777 bytes)
5)EENIE, MEENIE, MOMMY, DADDY -Because of a lack of space Cindy must choose only one parent to attend the school play in which she stars.
1)What excuse does Mike use to tell Cindy he can't see her play?
2)True or False Everyone was excited to see Cindy's play?
3)What part of Cindy's costume did the boys make?
4)Which two kids did Cindy ask for advice from?
5)While helping Cindy rehearse what part did Mike play?
6)What role did Cindy have?
7)Did Marcia or Jan make the biggest wings?
8)What did the boys use to hang Cindy on the clothesline?
9)What excuse did Cindy use to get out of being in the play?
10)What game did Alice use to help Cindy decide which parent to take?
1)he has to go to a business meeting
3)magic wand
4)Marcia and Greg
5)Prince Victor or the frog
6)Fairy Princess
8)their belts
9)a hurt ankle
10)pin the tail on the donkey
6) ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE -Alice thinks she's not wanted because when the kids go to Carol with their problems, but when she decides to leave everyone stages a plan to make her feel wanted.
1)How did Bobby hurt his knee?
2)Which two people found out the real reason why she was leaving?
3)What were the Brady's having for dinner?
4)Why did Mike and Carol think she wanted to leave?
5)What kind of suit did Mike wear when mud got splattered on him?
6)How many years had Alice been there?
7)Who did Alice say she had to go see?
8)Which two people splattered mud on Mike?
9)What did the boys get in the mail?
10)What did Marcia almost forget to take to her meeting?
1)bike wreck
2)Jan and Marcia
3)chili burgers
4)because she wasn't getting enough money
5)a tuxedo
6) 7
7)her aunt
8)Bobby and Peter
7) FATHER OF THE YEAR -Marcia nominates Mike for father of the year but begins to reconsider after he grounds her for sneaking out to mail the letter.
1)What did Mike spill on his drawings?
2)Who were the kids teaching to ski?
3)Marcia snuck out through the A)back door B)window C)front door
4)True or False Marcia told Jan about the contest.
5)How many times did Marcia get punished in this episode?
6)What subject did Mike help Marcia with?
7)What activity did Marcia miss as punishment
8)What did Mike do that caused problems for the t.v. crew?
9)What did Mike get for winning?
10)Why was Marcia sneaking out?
1)white out
3) B)window
5) 3
8) THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER- Each think the others job is easier, but when they switch roles for a day, Carol finds dealing with the boys, and Mike finds dealing with the girls, isn't so easy.
1)What part of baseball was Carol teaching the boys?
2)What did Mike help Marcia with?
3)How many times did Mike fall in the kitchen?
4)The boys dropped Carol for apple_______. A)tarts B)pie C)turnovers
5)How did Carol/Mike prepare for the day with the boys/girls?
6)Who's idea was it to switch roles?
7)Did Alice or Mike clean the kitchen?
8)Marcia made a)dinner b)lunch c)breakfast
9)True or False Marcia was not happy to have her dad help her.
10)Where did Carol help the boys with baseball?
2)cooking badge
4) C)turnovers
5)read books
8) A)dinner
10)the backyard
9) SORRY, RIGHT NUMBER- Mike buys a pay phone out of frustration with his family's bad phone habits.
1)Name one reason they got a pay phone?
2)What kitchen object was used to lessen the kids time on the phone?
3)Who was Mike talking to when he was disconnected?
4)Who loaned Mike a dime to finish the call?
5)What character made their first appearance in this episode?
6)Who ended up with the pay phone?
7)What rooms were the two phones in?
8)Who thought of the pay phone idea?
9)What color was the pay phone?
10)True or False Bobby used the phone in this episode.
1)high phone bill or because Mike didn't want the kids using the den phone
2)egg timer
5)Sam the butcher
6)the client Mike was talking to when disconnected
7)family room and den
10) IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?- The kids get the measles and the family tries to choose between their male and female doctors.
1)Say the phrase "six sick kids" 3 times fast, without messing up.
2)True or False Mike had alcohol in this episode.
3)Which doctor did they choose?
4)Who had the cow bell?
5)When Mike got the measles which doctor did he see?
6)Who came home with the measles first?
7)What other family sitcom did the girls doctor appear on?
8)What devices did the kids use to get Carol and Mike's attention?
9)What board game did the kids play?
10)Who was the last person to get measles?
5)Dr. Cameron (the male doctor)
7)Marion Cunningham on "Happy Days"
8)Bells or noisemakers

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